About Claire



Words are powerful – words have moved people to rise up and create big change.

The words you use – MATTER.

What my best friend would say about me…

“Claire has a great energy. She found well-deserved success – but only after a good dollop of faffing, f*cking up and fearlessly forging forward! Claire is kind, positive & pro-active. And whilst she doesn’t really want the spotlight, she knows she has finally understood a profound formula that made all the difference to her results, AND knows it’s something she can share with other trail-blazing women who want to make a difference in this incredible world.”

We get so much ‘how-to be successful’ information thrown at us in the online marketing world its hard to know which to take, but honestly, I should have listened to Brian Tracy all those years ago when he said ‘Focus on what you’re already good at and become excellent at THAT!”

The day I decided to stop chasing shiny objects, got real about myself and focused on improving the skills that I ALREADY excelled at (naturally), was the day my life super-turned around! Hmmm… note the lesson in that!

So who am I? Whilst on the outside, I’ve packed in a good few years… on the inside, I’m still just a wannabe surfer girl, excited at what life may bring, creating meaning and loving the amazing adventure of it all.

I’m sure you’ll agree, life certainly provides it’s challenges. Like you, at times I’ve struggled like hell – and at others I’ve succeeded beyond my expectations. But each time, I’ve found something exciting, new and I’ve grown just that little bit more.

I’m more spiritual than I may appear, and I love the idea that the Universe is looking after my interests – like a warm snuggly blanket lovingly tucked around me. I truly believe that actively seeking gratitude and a positive perspective is the key to a successful, happy life.

At my core, I love adventure. I’ve skydived, trekked the Inca Trail, and helped build schools in Africa. Travel, culture, nature, my beautiful kids, (and other truly inspiring people) are definitely my favourite passions.

So how am I qualified to help you?…

I have 3 A’levels, a Garden Design diploma, I’m a qualified Cosmetic Tattooist and I got my ACII (those in the insurance world will get that one). Don’t care? I’m not too surprised…

So my more relevant qualifications – (which you may actually give a damn about) – include my Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP) training – I qualified in Spain with John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP. I’m also a qualified & experienced Life Purpose Coach, I’m a Personal Branding Coach with the Digital Experts Academy, and a Certified Copywriter with Digital Marketer. I’ve also been a Social Media Marketing Manager, Branding Consultant and Online Marketing Virtual Assistant over the years, but my passion now lies in putting all of my experience and skills together to support good people doing important things through my venture, WildHeart Web Design.

Whilst a mum to 2 AMAZING teenagers, I’m ever the entrepreneur, but I only work with people who value my work. l make it my rule to never work with a*se-holes – EVER! 

So what’s the bottom line?

Deep down I have a secret desire to be Lara Croft, express my wild side, go on adventures, have cool ninja fighting skills, surf on a dolphin, connect with awesome people and make a real difference.  

I’m invested in your success because after all, by helping you to make your significant difference in the world, I feel inspired, purposeful and can rest assured I’m vicariously making my difference too.

I’m ready-steady-and stoked to help you build your brand, polish your message, increase your authority and grow your profits…

So if I sound like your type of gal, let’s get started today. I’m excited to get to know you and your business and share with you the magic of marketing with a wildly successful website!


Brand Copy Design


"Claire is just amazing!!! She gets me, gets things done, gets back to me and gets things moving! Claire helped me recently finish update my website, action points for GDPR and my lead magnet. Not only is Claire a Godsend for your virtual and online needs, she has a deep knowledge of marketing and copywriting so understands the bigger picture. Proof reading, social media, copy writing – in your style and essence. Not sure of your style and essence? Speak to Claire. Jo xx

Jo Soley, Bizology Ltd

"I have been working with Claire now for a few months and she really has been a true godsend to me! She built me a website that I am so proud to share. Her in-depth questions when creating it, meant she was able to create exactly what I was looking for (but was not always able to articulate so well). She is so professional in everything she does with a beautiful personal touch, and is extremely efficient. I cannot recommend her services enough."

Steph Grainger, The Business Therapist

“Claire has been a fabulous support to me. She was always very quick to respond and turned around the work for me so quickly. I am thrilled with my new website. I didn’t have a clue how to sort out a website and Claire helped every step of the way. Highly recommend.”

Michaela Vaux, Tropic Trailblazer