Meet Claire

The Website Wealth Creator

Words are powerful – words have moved people to rise up and create big change.

The words you use – MATTER.

What my best friend would say about me…

“She stumbled upon success, after years of what felt like f*cking up, is super-authentic, doesn’t want the spotlight, but knows she discovered a secret that made all the difference to her results, AND knows it’s something she can help others with, so she feels compelled to share her genius little discovery with those incredible trail-blazing women who want to make a difference for others in this beautiful world.”

We get so much ‘how-to be successful’ information thrown at us in the online marketing world its hard to know which to take, but honestly, I should have listened to Brian Tracy all those years ago when he said ‘Focus on what you’re already good at and become excellent at THAT!”

The day I decided to improve the skill that I ALREADY excelled at, was the day my life super-turned around! Hmmm… note the lesson in that!

So who am I? Whilst on the outside, I’ve packed in a good few years… on the inside, I’m still just a wannabe surfer girl, excited at what life may bring and loving the amazing adventure of it all.

Life has certainly provided it’s challenges. At times I’ve struggled like hell, at others I’ve succeeded beyond my expectations… I’ve battled with myself over and again but each time I’ve found something exciting, new and I’ve grown just that little bit more.

I’m more spiritual than I may appear, and I love the idea that the Universe is looking after my interests – like a warm snuggly blanket lovingly tucked around me.  I truly believe that actively seeking gratitude and a positive perspective is the key to a successful, happy life.

At my core, I love adventure. I’ve skydived, trekked the Inca Trail, and helped build schools in Africa. Travel, culture, nature, my amazing partner, my beautiful kids, (and other truly inspiring people) are definitely my favourite passions.

So how am I qualified to help you?…

I have 3 A’levels, a Garden Design diploma, I’m a qualified Cosmetic Tattooist and I got my ACII (those in the insurance world will get that one). Don’t care? I’m not too surprised…

So my more relevant qualifications (that you may actually give a c*ap about) include my NLP training (I qualified in Spain with John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP). I’m also a qualified & experienced Life Purpose Coach, I’m a Branding Coach with the Digital Experts Academy, and a Certified Copywriter with Digital Marketer… I’ve also been a Social Media Marketing Manager, Personal Branding Consultant, Virtual Assistant, and Website Builder over the years.

I’m a single mum to 2 AMAZING teenagers, ever the entrepreneur, oh, and I only work with people who value my work. l make it my rule to never work with a*se-holes – EVER 

So what’s the bottom line?

Deep down I have a secret desire to be Lara Croft, express my wild side, go on adventures, have cool ninja fighting skills, surf on a dolphin, make a real difference and have lots of money!  

I’m invested in your success because after all, by helping you to make your significant difference in the world, I can rest assured I’m making my difference too.

I’m ready-steady-and stoked to help you build your brand, polish your message, increase your authority and grow your profits…

So if I sound like your type of gal, let’s get started today. I’m excited to get to know you and your business and share with you the magic of marketing with winning words!