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I know how frustrating building a brand or business can be. It’s like you’re doing all the things you’ve been told to do like blogging and posting on social media, and perhaps even email marketing, videos, and webinars. Not only that, you’ve been networking whilst singing your elevator pitch like a yellow canary … you REALLY want to get traction – you know you deserve it – but somehow it just isn’t happening…

Yet, you know you’ve got it in you … you can feel the greatness deep inside…

You started off so positive and full of passion, you were going to conquer the world!

But somehow you seem to have lost your way and your bubbling positive energy has fizzled like a steam train pulling into doubt-central.

You’ve worked so hard but your endless efforts feel fruitless and you just can’t figure out why…


You lie awake at night and wonder…

‘Should I choose a better niche?’

‘How do I get them to like me enough to buy from me?’

‘What should I be selling?’

‘What do they really want?’

‘How can I market myself without sounding desperate?’

‘How can I stand out and be noticed?’

‘How can I be the person I dream of being AND earn what I’m worth whilst doing it?


Like you, I’ve also asked myself those questions… I totally get it…

I started as a Life Coach, bumbling from one niche to the next, hoping to strike gold, but instead, I hit a big pot of nothing and spent months, perplexed and wondering how and why my business just wasn’t making the impact I believed in my heart I was capable of making…

So one day I took action. I decided it was time to strip it all back and look deep into my heart… and get to the core of who I was, who I wanted to help in my business, and why I wanted to do it. I had a purpose and a story to tell – one that others would relate to – and I needed to communicate it. I wanted to build something that others would care about and would mean something to us all.

I wanted to learn how to get the attention of the people that matter … my perfect customers … and engage them, build their trust and get my message out to them so that I could serve them in a BIG way. So, over the following couple of years, that’s exactly what I did … and the rest, as they say, is history…

A successful business is about many things. A great mindset is one, absolute clarity of purpose and mission is another, and an engaging ‘brand story’ told through every facet of the business, communicating what the company and it’s leader stands for and why, is a third.

I understand that when we lack clarity of direction … when we don’t feel that certainty of purpose …. when we haven’t truly decided who we want to be in our business… when we don’t feel comfortable in our marketing methods… we hold back somehow and unwittingly procrastinate on the things that we need to do to succeed.

And perhaps even worse, our potential clients sense our uncertainty and it makes it almost impossible to build the confidence & trust needed for them to want to purchase from us… and this is what I hate to see … amazing women, who are clearly passionate, incredible people who can literally change lives for the better, feeling lost and struggling to create a consistent and solid foundation from which to build authority, likability, trust and a highly successful business.

I want to help you get focused, get clear, and get confident, so that you can build a brand with which you feel deeply connected. A brand that feels ‘right’. A brand that will change how people feel… that connects your customers emotionally to your purpose & mission first, so that they will fall in love with your products and services later…

And when this clarity allows you to communicate this purposeful brand story to the people who want to hear it, you can build a business for the customers you really love to serve.

Together, we will build your brand, piece by piece, so that you can attract the people who already understand the value of what you do, ensuring your impact on the world.

We will fit all of the pieces of you and your business together from the inside out and create a solid, unbreakable BRAND that is exciting to you, fulfils you and speaks clearly for the total Boss Lady that you are. It’s time to lead with your values… lead with purpose and make your difference, so that you can attract the right people in an easier, clearer, less stressful way, and make the difference you want to make for you, your family, and the tribe of fans and customers whose lives you are going to touch. BEHOLD! In steps the incredible leader and business woman you are meant to be!

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