When we look at our chosen friends, isn’t it true that, those whom we enjoy spending most time with share similar values, aspirations and passions to us – we just attract those people naturally?

So surely we can see that it will be easiest to build a business most effectively by focusing on marketing to and attracting those similar people, who already share our values and with whom we will have a natural rapport, which means we attract the right people more easily – those who already understand the importance of what we do because they value what we value?


You see, these wonderful people will already be excited about your passion, because it’s their passion too. These people are much more easy to build a rapport and relationship with. They will trust you because they like you.

People want to know that when they’re giving away their money, they’re buying something more than a product… they’re buying what you stand for – something more than just profit. It’s like “I love this product or service, but I love you too – so now I’m sold”…

Nine times out of ten when people buy, it’s not just price or taste, it’s because they see something in the company or it’s leader that they like. They feel like being associated with that brand will enhance their own identity and make them more of the person they long to be.


It’s not just the features of a product or service, it’s a feeling… it’s in their gut. It’s not logical – it’s emotional. So in everything you say, write or promote, talk in a way that connects to the feelings you think your client wants to feel. Find a way to connect your product to the feeling they desire most.

Think about how your product can make them feel more alive… more peace… more happiness… more security…. more adventure…. more compassion…. help them feel more of what they value most. And then talk about THAT. 

Spend you precious words talking about the transformational feelings they’ll experience from your services. Make them feel like the person they long to be. Help them build their desired identity, Appeal to the top values for their life.

Why do some people buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner over Hoover? The features are essentially the same, and Hoover is considerably cheaper, so why? 

Why do people buy an Apple Mac over Hewlett Packard? Why do we buy a BMW over a Ford? The truth is that not everybody will, and cost plays a part for some, but those people whose values match those of the brand – whether it’s quality, uniqueness, security, creativity, coolness, trendiness, excellence… or for those who feel their own identity will be enhanced in a way, by buying that product or service – those are the people that will feel compelled to buy.

That’s why it’s SO important to really understand our customers, because then we can communicate our message in a way that really helps them fulfil their desires. Knowing what they value for themselves and their life by way of core values, helps us say the right things that will attract them. For those who value, contribution highly, for example, telling them that perhaps, a percentage of the money they spend with you will go to a charity or a good cause, will make them feel good about making that purchase. For those who value quality, relating your product to excellence (as BMW do), will give your Brand the edge.

So how do we do this in practical terms?

Well, as I say, features rarely sell,  benefits, like, ‘it’ll save you time’ may help to interest them, but what will really create the desire for your prospect to take action and buy, is telling them a story about how you can help them fulfil their core values and how their life will transform as a result.