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About Claire




QUALITY – through excellence in delivery & service

EFFECTIVENESS – to engage & get results

CONTRIBUTION – to positively impact the world


WildHeart Web Design provides powerful solutions for aspiring leaders to instantly increase authority, wealth & global reach.


I am building the world’s easiest to use website creation resource for aspiring leaders who want to go global with their message.


QUALITY – Top quality results are what I aim to achieve every time I work with my clients. I do not wish to be mediocre or a disappointment for myself or my clients. The quality of my work matters highly to me and I will do what it takes to provide a quality result.

COMMITMENT – I am committed to my clients and their satisfaction and success. I set myself standards & I live by them. I recognise that I earn my own respect & success through my character, my dedication and my consistent actions.

ADVENTURE – I know what makes my heart sing and I consciously create time for such experiences. I need to feel adventure in my life and I actively look to give others feelings of adventure too.

PERSONAL GROWTH – I am dedicated to personal growth. I am a knowledge junkie and am fascinated by the history, future and beauty of our natural world and it’s (sometimes challenging) people, including how this all fits with marketing, design & the power of the written word. As a prior life coach I have an acute interest in the way the human mind works and why we do what we do and I recognise that the more I know and experience, not only the happier I am, but the more knowledge I have to share, serve and understand others.

FUN – I strongly believe that laughter is medicine for the mind and body and essential in keeping us healthy. In pursuit of happiness (and unleashing my inner comedian), I actively seek out the fun, humour & positive in any situation, and at all times search to give the events of my life the meaning that will empower me and bring me joy. I also look to do this for others.

CONTRIBUTION – I strongly believe that my success lies in the success of others. As I execute my mission and purpose with passion & dedication, I aim to empower the people who’s lives I touch. My success follows their success.

CREATIVITY – I am naturally creative (and yes, a perfectionist) and will commit 100% to providing the best of my creativity when formulating work for my customers

INTEGRITY – I aim, at all times to present my opinions and experience with complete integrity, committing 100% to giving the best of myself at all times and helping others create positive change in their business and lives. I aim to speak my truth & communicate what is in my heart with kindness, but without pretence. I will reveal what feels true to me.

FREEDOM – I value freedom of mind and spirit in my own life. I actively seek to set my mind free of all negative beliefs and create a powerful mindset of certainty and self trust and self-love, allowing me to take the action needed to fulfil my mission, live with purpose and be my very best at all times for myself and for those around me.

COURAGE – I am courageous. I am willing to push myself to do what it takes to grow in ways that assist me in reaching my goals so that I can be my best for those around me.

COMPASSION – I approach others with understanding. I do my best not to judge. I aim to show compassion & treat others with the same respect with which I would wish to be treated myself.

"Claire is just amazing!!! She gets me, gets things done, gets back to me and gets things moving! Claire helped me recently finish update my website, action points for GDPR and my lead magnet. Not only is Claire a Godsend for your virtual and online needs, she has a deep knowledge of marketing and copywriting so understands the bigger picture. Proof reading, social media, copy writing – in your style and essence. Not sure of your style and essence? Speak to Claire. Jo xx

Jo Soley, Bizology Ltd

"I have been working with Claire now for a few months and she really has been a true godsend to me! She built me a website that I am so proud to share. Her in-depth questions when creating it, meant she was able to create exactly what I was looking for (but was not always able to articulate so well). She is so professional in everything she does with a beautiful personal touch, and is extremely efficient. I cannot recommend her services enough."

Steph Grainger, The Business Therapist

“Claire has been a fabulous support to me. She was always very quick to respond and turned around the work for me so quickly. I am thrilled with my new website. I didn’t have a clue how to sort out a website and Claire helped every step of the way. Highly recommend.”

Michaela Vaux, Tropic Trailblazer