In a desperate attempt to gain the trust of prospective customers we often resort to simply telling them about our product’s features and benefits. Yet, whilst describing value might seem like the easiest way to communicate it, the simplest strategy isn’t always the most compelling one.

Buying is an emotional business and there is something deeper at work within the buyers mind – something they do not consciously control.

The limbic part of our brain is responsible for our feelings – like loyalty and TRUST – it’s also responsible for ALL decision-making… yet it has no capacity for language…

So whilst we can use language to promote the benefits of our products and services… whilst we can talk about what we do and how it works… it’s unlikely to be enough to get them to buy.

They may say “I get all the facts, but it just doesn’t FEEL right”

And that’s why we need a brand. Our brand is more than content and a narrative. Our story goes beyond what’s written in the copy on a website or the text in a brochure. Everything we do, from the colours on our websites, to the staff we hire, to the way we dress, is part of our brand story.

Your story is what your prospects believe about you based on the signals your brand sends. It’s only when you get each element right, and demonstrate consistency, you can build the level of trust needed to create loyal clients.

Brands give potential customers a firm idea of what they’re buying before they buy it, making the purchasing decision easier. They may not know why, as that Limbic Brain can not define it, but they trust strong brands because they know what they will get, and it FEELS right. 

And with TRUST we feel safe. We may well pay much more when we are given those comforting feelings of trust.

As an entrepreneur, building TRUST starts with a set of values that are yours – if the stories told about you reinforce who you are, people believe they can rely on you. We need to make people trust they can feel more powerful, beautiful, caring or significant with your brand in their lives than without…

Harley Davidson’s most powerful marketing isn’t the detail about engine size, speed or low-end torque that’s written in the brochure – it’s the stories riders tell about the feeling they get when they ride one. And often your most effective marketing may not even be done by you. Stories from others build trust to new levels. But we need loyalty before those stories are told.

No amount of marketing will change an experience… your brand IS your customer experience

We need to be clear and consistent in the way we present ourselves to the world and create compelling brands that inspire and serve – only then will people trust it – and TRUST… is the holy grail of sales.

Much Love,

Claire xx