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‘Give me 4 hours of your time and I’ll create you a winning branded authority website SO THAT you can drop the overwhelm AND yes, your friends will secretly admire the heck out of you too!’


“I believe that thousands of incredible women entrepreneurs & passionate change-makers are missing out on countless new clients and supporters right now – at a price point that reflects their value – because they don’t have a branded website that clearly & persuasively communicates their authority, mission and message. As a result, it’s leaving these entrepreneurs feeling frustrasted, overworked, undervalued and underpaid.

I am therefore building the world’s easiest to use, website creation resource for heart-led leaders (and aspiring leaders), providing powerful solutions to instantly increase authority, wealth and global reach, in a stress-free and time-free way. 

The WildHeart Winning Website System is an ‘everything done for you’ solution – brand creation, website creation and copy creation – perfect for entrepreneurs who want to save time and headaches trying to figure it all out on their own, but understand that they need a first class website NOW to elevate their venture to the highest level of success.”

Claire Smith


“  Claire is amazing at what she does and is so so helpful and patient. I’ve worked with lots of people for web design but I find Claire comes up tops.”

– Julie Anne Hart, Leadership Coach

“Claire’s magically creative ability has made my website flow and sparkle! She used her talent to infuse my energy throughout the site! I have never been happier and so excited about it!

If you’re looking for someone to turn up your identity online who is able to listen and understand who you are and what you do, Claire is your answer! She has a flare for truly connecting to your magic and translating that into your website.”

– Shelley, Shelley In Grace


Perfect For?

Successful leaders (& aspiring leaders), ready to step up to change more lives and grow their success. 

You have already accomplished good things using offline relationships and networks that you love. Yet whilst you are proud of the work you have done, you know you are destined for more. This is a good thing because you’re smart and you recognise the limits to your current approach.

You acknowledge that you don’t have a website that reflects your success and you don’t have clarity around your  brand, and although your results aren’t too shabby, you are excited to really shine – getting clear, getting attraction and getting consistent results. 

You are ready to be known, liked, and trusted by those whose lives you touch with greater and lasting loyalty from those interested in your services – EVEN IF you haven’t met them personally.

So you understand that you need a quality website (as soon as possible) to grow your reputation & your business and show the world you’ve arrived!


Claire Smith Website Wealth Creator



  • Does your website (or lack of one) make you feel small or behind the times?

  • Do you worry that people are unimpressed and judge the quality of your brand by the quality of your website?


  • Do you get frustrated that people don’t understand what you do or why they should choose you?

  • Is your messaging inconsistent, wrong or just doesn’t seem to get in front of the right people?

I understand that online marketing can feel confusing and perhaps you also feel lost in your messaging, and that’s why I have created the WildHeart Winning Website System – to solve each piece of the core brand marketing puzzle for you in beautiful, purposeful flow!

Once you have been through this process, you will find that the fog around your message will lift, making marketing your message magical… PLUS, you will have a Brilliant Brand, Compelling Copy and a Winning Website to boot!


Solve For You?

  • You will save time and headaches trying to figure it all out on your own – this is an ‘everything done for you’ solution – and I’ll be here every step of the way.
  • You will no longer have to worry about those twinges of embarrassment about your old-fashioned website, or having no website at all.
  • Your concerns around losing search engine customers will fade away as your perfect clients can find you at your gorgeous new online home.
  • Feeling the frustration of staying small? With a gorgeous new website you can think big, look big and grow your reach worldwide.
  • As you grow your authority, you’ll break the cycle of simply not earning what you’re worth.
  • Worried about the competition? Make competition a thing of the past with a brilliant brand that sets you apart from the rest.
  • Live your passion and purpose daily. Once you have been through this process, you are no longer just a product or service provider – you will stand for something powerful and inspiring – attracting perfect clients with ease and joy.
  • Your brand will create meaning and trust for others and help more people to finally discover who you really are and how you can transform their lives.


Winning Website?

You can expect to:

  • Uncover a unique message that helps you stand out and get noticed
  • Feel clarity of vision and message, opening up new pathways to success
  • Create an aligned brand mission that inspires you to be your best
  • Live your brand values keeping you focused on fulfilling service to others
  • Build greater trust in your brand, your products and your services
  • Drive more people to your social media profiles
  • Have people talking about your brand much more often
  • Enjoy, as people share your brand with others
  • Grow your email list
  • Have an online home that engages your perfect clients and persuades them to take action – NOW!
  • Enjoy more quality clients that you love to work with


Claire Smith Website Design



Every day you don’t have a quality website, you are missing out on pre-qualified customers who already understand the value of what you do, BUT don’t know you exist!

Your competitors are branding and up-levelling and every day you are getting left behind and every day, as people search on google for your services, you could be losing customers. 

Bottom line – without a great website, people lose trust because they can’t find out enough about you, and unfortunately no trust equals no sales!

Claire has really helped me kickstart my business and gain customers. Stepping into my truth and building my brand from that core authenticity, gave me a new level of confidence to step up.

Kat Smith

Feisty Kat

Hi Claire, I absolutely love to hear from you!

You really get me and where I’m coming from! It makes me feel so validated and special!!

I love what you do because you have such a special way of doing it! With someone like you at the other end of the call it is so so refreshing to be that open and honest! I am thrilled with my brand – it feels so right.

Thanks for being YOU!

Mirelle Moscow


Really Does Matter!

What most businesses miss is this… people don’t buy WHAT you do – they buy WHY you do it!

A great brand isn’t just about the quality of products or better prices or services – it’s not about manipulation – it’s about connection, trust & loyalty. It’s about how you make people FEEL.

By talking about ‘what’ you do, you get competition from everyone else who does ‘what’ you do…

If Steve Jobs at Apple had said ‘We make great computers’, would we have bought into his brand? Maybe we would have liked the design of the computers and bought one, but we wouldn’t have bought into the brand emotionally we wouldn’t have felt an inexplicable desire to be associated with the brand.

Luckily Jobs was a ‘WHY guy’. He had a vision and he communicated it beautifully. Apple are very clear about their ‘why’… and so is everyone else:

“In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.”

Now THAT is compelling and the Apple brand appeals to anyone who aligns with this way of thinking – they’ll buy Apple products, not just because they like the products, but because by buying them, it enhances their own identity as someone who ‘thinks different’… someone who is cool, edgy, forward-thinking and unique!

This is Apple’s story and it is told in every area of their business – and because of this – we trust it.

People who live a certain lifestyle or aspire to be a certain type of person are drawn to brands that help them build their own identity by association. Having good quality products and services is, of course important, but it is the ’cause, story and emotion’ represented by the brand, product or person that inspires and creates real loyalty.

And if you are a business or venture looking for clarity, or want to refresh your existing venture and give it a new lease of life with a re-brand, I can help you build your brand from the core, ensuring each of the touch points of your exciting new identity come together in beautiful synchronicity.

Having been an appointed Platinum Branding Coach at the Digital Experts Academy for over 3 years, coaching DEA members towards development of their own personal brand, I recognise that every entrepreneur has a story to tell and an inspiring purpose to pursue. I have had the joy of helping clients through my own branding consultancy create brands that they love – even when they had no idea where to start by themselves!


Winning Website System?

You will get branding consultancy, website copywriting and wordpress web design, aimed to help grow your personal and business success, so that you can step into your greatness, make the difference you want to make AND earn what your’re worth whilst doing it!

We will create your irresistible BRANDED WEBSITE from the inside out. We will gain clarity around your:

  • ‘Why’ (your powerful driver – your purpose)
  • Brand Values (those that are the very essence of who you are and make a powerful promise)
  • Brand Vision (your vision for what you will build & a better world)
  • Brand Mission (how you’re going to do it)
  • Perfect Audience (you know – the one’s who relate to you & already understand the importance of what you do)
  • Brand Personality (how you’re going to show up)
  • New Brand Name (if desired)
  • Your Tantalising Brand Tagline
  • Your Core Message
  • Colour Palettes
  • And much, much more…

Every piece playing it’s part in creating your YOUR ENGAGING BRAND STORY.

I will then write your captivating copy using information provided by you upon your questionnaire and during our follow-up calls. Finally I will build your beautiful new website.

You will get me & my brain for around 60 days whilst we build your brand and website from the core – ensuring it is a solid foundation from which you can grow your venture.

During your time working with me, I will of course ask for your input at times and in this I ask that you be completely committed to continuity of the process and that you enthusiastically give your all, as ultimately, your focused involvement is the key to an exceptional brand that you can be proud of, that your customers will love, and which will give you new confidence to step up into the best, most empowered version of you in leadership.

I strictly limit the amount of clients I work with. My WildHeart Winning Website System is an immersive experience for me. When you hire me, you will get my 100% undivided attention.


“If you’re looking for a talented, passionate and super helpful brand designer then Claire is your lady. She completely re-worked my website, gave me valuable brand guidance and got it all done in a really short timeframe”.

Jackie Handy

Managing Director, Runway Global


So, you will get:

A Brilliant Brand

Clever & Captivating Copy

Website Design & Build

PLUS, for a limited time, you will get these Bonuses!

Bonus 1 – a free hardback copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s best selling social media marketing book ‘Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook’

Bonus 2 – 2 Free branded Social Media Page Banners for your 2 favourite social media platforms!

If you are interested in working with me, click below to book your ‘I’m wild & ready discovery call’ and let’s discuss how you can stand out above the rest, transform more lives and show the world your best!