In life, values are really your guiding force. 


Values direct everything you do – your perspective on life, your beliefs and consequently, every action you take.


So where do they grow from – and why do different people have different values? 


Well, our original values developed at an early age, and they probably reflected the values of our own parents and our own teachers – we observed their actions and listened to them and we took on their beliefs and what they valued in the world as the truth and the ‘right’ way to live and be.


However as time went on, and we got older, we started to have our own unique experiences in life and these can drastically change what we value highly and believe about life. These new values are usually born from profound life experiences, that affect the way we look at life from our core.


For example, imagine you were deeply hurt by an unfaithful lover. This could profoundly change the way you look at relationships and even life from that moment forth – because you fear getting deeply hurt again – the result? LOYALTY becomes a top value for you.


Perhaps your parents were very strict and you weren’t allowed to go out and enjoy life with your friends – you constantly missed out – and as a result – as an adult, FREEDOM becomes a top value for you.


Or perhaps you never felt loved as a child and were constantly craving the love you never got from parents or others – as you can guess, the result could well be that – you value LOVE and connection above all else. 


These core values will direct your life. In every decision these invisible forces push your decisions towards the path of more loyalty, more freedom or more love.


How Else Can We Discover Our Values?

We can ask ourselves questions and see what our subconscious mind delivers as answers. We can ask questions of ourselves such as:

What is important in life?

How should people be?

What is it important for people to do in life?

What should people NOT do in life

Keep asking these questions of your mind – and the answers will come. 


Perhaps you will discover from your subconscious mind that people should be considerate, or people should be kind, or people should be honest. These will all translate into values you hold dear.


Your values are yours and if they are true, you’ll know because you’ll walk and talk them – you’ll start to understand why you act the way you do – why you love what you love. 


And if we can build a brand that is built upon and allows us to express those values, then we will, without doubt, build a business we love.


It is also a fact that in life we are all drawn to people who share our values. So in business, why not use this invisible force to attract people to us as a brand? 


Clear values wrapped up in your messaging, can help you connect with others who have the same values, attracting them to your business – like a magnetic force.


Building your brand based on your solid values that are real, gives you credibility, leadership and authority – because every action you take is authentic, as your brand comes from a place of truth in every word you speak. 


And THIS is why I strongly believe that there is no competition…

Even if you are providing similar services or products as others, no one has had the same life experiences as you – so no one has formed their values in exactly the same way as you and no one has the same perspective as you in all things. YOU are unique, as will be your brand – so the difference in every business is it’s leader. And when choosing who to purchase from or follow, people will choose YOU because they like you for what you and your brand stand for.


As a result of this, of course, some people will be drawn to you and some will not – and that’s ok because you can build a brand and a brand message that attracts the right people for YOU.


If we get clear about our values and our brand and express it clearly through our website, and other marketing and in fact, everything we put out there, we stay in control of how people perceive us – and we give ourselves the best chance of building a fulfilling business with staying power, and working with clients that we love.


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