It’s something we don’t talk openly about too much, but it’s certainly something we think about. From the mother who hands down her legendary Christmas pudding recipe, to the Uber driver who, despite having held a managerial position with a corporate giant for twenty years, ‘wants to build something of his own’. From the musician who works 3 jobs to make ends meet, to the Charity Founder who selflessly contributes to others… we each want our lives to be significant…we each want to make our mark.

The fear that we might run out of time, is one of the reasons we strive to get better at building our brand and telling our stories.

But if OUR TRUTH, is at the heart of all great stories, we can’t begin to make a mark until we get clear about, acknowledge and articulate what we’re really here to do.

Once you’re honest with yourself about the REAL work you care about (and why), you can begin to fabulously & unapologetically make the incredible mark you hoped to make.

Much Love,

Claire xx